The Bibliography of British and Commonwealth Studies in Poland

The Bibliography of British and Commonwealth Studies in Poland is a specialized database complementary to the Poland’s National Library catalogue. The BBCSP is meant to be a convenient source of comprehensive bibliographical information on broad range of publications regarding British and Commonwealth Socio-Political Studies in Poland. Since 2009, when our project has been launched, our aim is to catalogue books, scientific papers and texts of other categories that were published in Poland, or in Polish, or by Polish researchers, and regard the British Isles, the Commonwealth of Nations and former British colonies.

British and Commonwealth Studies are interdisciplinary in their character. The scope of research in this domain ranges from social and political issues - subject to research by scholars in Political Science, European Studies, Sociology, Social Psychology, History (including History of Ideas and History of Art) – to the issues covered by the Anthropology and Cultural Studies, Literature Studies, Economy, Law, Demography or Geography, hence the scattered information about available academic and popular scientific literature. 

Presented database includes entries concerning:

·        Works published in Poland (both in Polish and English);

·        Works published abroad in the Polish language;

·        Works published by Polish authors abroad in foreign languages. 

At the moment the BBCSP consists of a catalogue arranged in alphabetical order. In the future, there is also planned a catalogue in systematic order, based on key words. The alphabetical catalogue is divided into subsections devoted to a range of publishing categories. The systematic catalogue will integrate publications belonging to different categories (like Polish monographs, monographs translated from foreign languages, and academic papers) into thematically coherent lists. The BBCSP will also be supplemented with entries concerning a selection of fiction, poetry, drama and works of other literary categories, as well as films, which have direct impact on the British and Commonwealth Socio-Political Studies in Poland.


Board of Editors of the BBCSP heartily invites all scholars to cooperate!