Łukasz Zamęcki, PhD


PhD in Political Science (2010), Assistant Professor at the Institute of European Studies, Faculty of Political Science and International Studies. Deputy Director for Scientific Research and International Cooperation. Main research interests are focused on raw materials security of states, social aspects of political governance and China Studies. Author of numerous works, associate of educational institutions, visiting lecturer in European countries and China. Member of the editorial boards of two scientific journals.




Thursday, godz. 8.00-9.30, room. 32, IV piętro, Nowy Świat 69


Integration of Poland with the EU; 

Finances of the EU; 

Business starting-up in the EU; 

European WorkshopsPoland and Europe: history and present days; 

Theory of European Democracy; 

Methods of didactics; 

Methods of research activities; 

EU trade policy; 

EU strategies;


Deputy Director of the Institute of European Studies, 2012- onwards;

Member of the Recruitment Commission; 2009-2012

Head of the BA cycle of the European Studies; The Chair of the European Studies, Faculty of Journalism and Political Science, University of Warsaw; 2010-2012

Head of USOSweb of the European Studies; 2007-2010


Cooperation with educational institutions, such as central and regional examination boards, high schools, and educational associations.

  promoter of 44 BA thesis

  adviser of 25 MA thesis


Memberships in scientific organisations

Member of the “European International Studies Association”

Member of the Executive Board of the “Polish Association of European Studies”

Member of the “International Association for Political Sciences Students”

Advisor of the Doctoral candidates Society

Scientific journals editorial activities

Editorial staff of „Społeczeństwo i Polityka. Pismo Edukacyjne” [Society and Politics. Educational Journal] 2008 – onwards

Editorial staff of „Przegląd Europejski” [European Review] 2012 – onwards


Member of the Jean Monnet Network Project “More Europe to overcome the crisis” – MoreEU; international project (5 European Universities); 2014-2017

Head of project financed from grant of the Ministry of Higher Education “Young Science 2014” titled „EU-China relations”; 2014-2015

Head of project financed from grant of the Ministry of Higher Education „Young Science 2013” titled „The experience of the EU regional policy for the activities of the PRC in the field of regional development management”; 2013-2014

Head of project financed from grant of the Ministry of Higher Education „Young Science 2012” titled „Internal Determinants of international activity of the PRC and its relations with the European Union”; 2012-2013

Head of project financed from grant of the Ministry of Higher Education „Young Science 2011” titled „Impact of the EU-China relations on the institutionalization of the EU's internal and external policies”; 2011-2012

Member of the research project "Crises in the European integration process and ways of overcoming them", 2013-2015


Raw material policy of the Polish state in the years 1936-1939 and the Central Industrial District – national conference „70 years of Central Industrial District. Past-Present-Future” organised by The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin; 7 November 2007, Stalowa Wola.

Raw materials security of the Second Republic of Poland in the years 1936-1939 – conference titled „National Security of the Second Republic of Poland” organised by Military Academy in Wrocław and Pomeranian University in Słupsk; 5 November 2009, Wrocław.

The role and dimensions of the state security in non-energy raw materials aspect – international conference titled „Polish security problems in the 20. and 21. century” organised by Military Academy in Wrocław; 4-5 November 2010, Wrocław.

The economy of interwar Poland - rules and guidelines for the implementation of industrial mobilization – conference titled War planning and war arrangements of the Second Republic of Poland” organised by National Defence University and Museum of Land Forces in Bydgoszcz; 20 October 2011, Warsaw.

Democratization dilemmas in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region –international conference titled „Dilemmas of contemporary Asia” organised by Association of Asia and the Pacific, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Center for Eastern Studies and Association of Polish-Chinese Friendship, 17-18 May 2012, Toruń. (speech given in English).

The geopolitics of energy security of China – conference titled „Multidimensional internal and international security” organised by Warsaw University of Life Sciences, 11-12 April 2013, Warsaw.

The influence of Social Capital on Social Activities of Poles in the years 1989-2012, 14 May 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria (speech given in English).

The geopolitics of China’s Energy Security, 15 May 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria (speech given in English).

Keynote Speaker – Polish and British Politics 2013: The Challenges and Opposition to the European Integration, 24 May 2013, Warsaw.

Can the European Union act as a normative power in its relations with China?, Hong Kong Baptist University and European Union Academic Programme Hong Kong, 12 September 2013, Hong Kong (speech given in English).

China's vision of energy policy: Among new colonial ism, de-structuring of the partners and international trade –8th Pan-European Conference on International Relations organised by EISA, 20 September 2013, Warsaw (speech given in English).

Democratization of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in the Context of Chinese SovereigntyKing’s College London, 5 December 2013, London, UK (speech given in English).

Low level of social capital as a determinant of the weak participation in the UE - conference „Europe of 21. century. Poland, Europe and world 10 years after UE enlargement 2004. Diagnosis and scenarios for future”, 6-7 February 2014, Collegium Polonicum, Słubice.

Political sinicization of Hong Kong – I International Congress of Asia Studies, 15-16 May 2014, Toruń

UE-China: strategic partnership without partnership? – I Nationwide Congress for European Studies, 18-20 September 2014, Warsaw



Power in the theory of Steven Lukes. Introduction to critical analysis, Warsaw 2007.

Raw materials policy of the Second Republic of Poland in the years 1935-1939 (decision-making analysis), Warsaw 2010.

Social base of political order, Warsaw 2011.

European Union-China relations. Internal and international Determinants, Warsaw 2011 [co-author: P. Borkowski].

The Dragon and the (evening) Stars; Essays on the Determinants of EU-China Relations, Warsaw-Bishkek 2013 [co-authors: P. Borkowski, A. Wróbel]. (published in English)

Political Science. Concept of the discipline, Warsaw-Bishkek 2013 [co-author: W. Jakubowski, P. Załęski].

The Internal Determinants of the International Activity of the People’s Republic of China anf Its Relations with the European Union, Warsaw 2013 [co-authors: P. Borkowski, A. Wróbel].

Edited books

Handbook of social sciences for high school students, Warsaw 2012 [co-editors: K.A. Wojtaszczyk, W. Jakubowski].

European Integration. WorkbookWarsaw 2012 [co-editor: K.A. Wojtaszczyk].

Europe for Youth – Chance ou d’illusion, Warsaw 2013 [co-editor: A. Olejniczak]

Chapters in books

Civil and military authorities towards the raw materials security in the years 1936-1939, in: National Security of the Second Republic of Poland, Wrocław 2010.

Socio-political determinants of consensual demoracy in the Netherlands, in: Small states of Europe, ed. D. Popławski, Warsaw 2010.

Industrial Policy, in: Sectoral policies of the European Union, ed. M. Poboży, Warsaw 2010.

Didactics dilemmas of European Studies, in: European Integration. Workbook, ed. K.A. Wojtaszczyk, Ł. Zamęcki, Warsaw 2012

Rules and guidelines for the implementation of industrial mobilization and civil mobilization, in: War planning and war arrangements of the Second Republic of Poland. Studies and Materials, ed. T. KośmiderWarsaw 2012.

Наука и высшее образование в Польше в условиях глобализации и европейской интеграции [Science and Higher Education in Poland in the context of globalization and European integration], in: Современная политическая науканравственные регулятивы [Modern political sciences], ed. J.S. Yaskevich, K.A. Wojtaszczyk, Minsk 2012. (published in Russian)

The policy of providing economic security in historical perspective, in: Economic security in the perspective of political science - selected problems, ed. K.M. Księżopolski, K.M. Pronińska, Warsaw 2012.

Democratization dilemmas in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, in: Dilemmas of Contemporary Asia. Deliberations on Politics, ed. J. Marszałek-Kawa, Toruń 2013. (published in English)


The controversy over the concept of political culture, „Society and Politics. Educational Journal” 2004, no. 1(1).

The role and dimensions of the state security in non-energy raw materials aspect, „Scientific Papers of the Military Academy of Land Forces” 2011, no. 3.

Rare earth metals – a new instrument of political influence of China, „International relations” 2011, no. 3-4.

After the 18th Congress... The Meanings of Changes in the PRC’s Top Authorities for the EU–China Relations, “Society and Politics. Educational Journal” 2012, no. 4. (published in English)

The importance of the “one country – two systems” principle for the stability of the China – Hong Kong relations, „Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne” 2014, no. 16.


2013 – University President’s Prize

2012 – University President’s Prize

2011 – Dean’s Prize

2010 – University President’s Prize

2010 – Dean’s Prize