Students life

Students residence

UW offers more then 2800 beds in six student residences in different part of the city :  Śródmieści (center), Ochota, Mokotów and Praga (on the right side of the river).Majority of buildings is adjusted for physically disabled persons. In each buildings apart from rooms (generally for 2 people, sometimes other configurations) you can find recreation rooms,  a study, computer hall and washing room. Kitchens and bathrooms can serve a floor or a group of rooms. Refrigerator, telephone and bed linen are standard in all the rooms, a microwave can be found in modernized residences. Internet access is provided.

Adress and name in Polish

Dom Studenta Nr 1
ul. Żwirki i Wigury 97/99
02-089 Warszawa

Place in a 2 bed room - 100 euro a month (for the studens with certificate from Office for International Cooperation of UW )


Renting a flat

Prices of flat rental vary substantially depending and the part of Warsaw and the distance to the centre. In general southern parts are more expensive then others, especially Mokotow. Distance to the underground station can be an important point

Studio in Ochota  400 euro/m-c, 2 bedroom flats start from 500 euro.


Prices of basic goods  in Warsaw

Prices in other big cities and popular holiday destinations are on the same level, prices in smaller cities and towns are substantially lower

Loaf of bread –  0,5 euro.

Butter  –  1 euro/200grams

Ham – ok. 7 – 8 euro/kg

Chicken breasts –  4 euro/kg

Pork – 4 euro/kg

Beef – 8 euro/kg

Potates  – 1 euro for 5 kg

Oranges  - 1-1,5 euro/kg

Ticket for one film in multiplex – 6-8 euro, prices in independent and studio cinemas vary

Taxi – 2 euro for a start, around 0,5 euro each kilometre

Bus ticket - 1 euro for 75 minutes ticket, 4 euro for a 24h pass

Looking for a meal

UW Canteen

University Canteen is situated on the main campus on Krakowskie Przedmieście  near the gate from Oboźna Street. Offers lunches in special prices on subscription basis (around 3 euro a meal) and courses  a la carte. Meal can be consumed inside or as a take-out.

In vicinity of UW

KFC –  3 – 5 euro box

McDonalds – 3 - 4 euro for most popular meals


Lunch  – 5-10 euros, depending on the localization. Prices on Krakowskie Przedmieście and Nowy Świat are  high

Cafeterias in University buildings

KAWO (Nowy Świat 67) – main dish  -  4 euro

Professor Club in Kazimierzowski Palace – diner for 7 euro(soup + main course) (open also for students, afternoons often reservations for organised groups