Department of European Studies Research Methodology

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Jacek Czaputowicz, Prof. – Head of Department

Kamil Ławniczak, PhD – Secretary


The main assumptions of the research program:

Methodological problems of European Studies

European studies as a young research discipline are still at the stage of development of methods and tools relevant to the scope of the study and the specific nature of the discipline. In 2011 Department of European Studies initiated a research project, the first stage of which is to identify the theoretical problems and relationships between the theory of integration created since the sixties of the twentieth century, and theoretical foundations of traditional research disciplines with well-established research methodology. Impact of such disciplines as political science, international relations, legal studies, economy and management studies on theoretical fundaments of European studies will be evaluated. The effects will help to build a picture of European Studies within the broader context of political science and trace the development of theoretical reflection in Europe and the United States. Thus basis for further development of the discipline will be laid.

In 2013, research will focus on the review of the acquis in the field of integration theory explaining the functioning of the integrated structure of the crisis, will be subject to verification of hypotheses formulated on the basis of neofunctionalism school, institutional and inter-governmental. The main research challenge is to recognize the proper methods and ways of testing the integration process to obtain the maturity of the approach developed in the mid 90s.

Specific research topics:

Jacek Czaputowicz: sovereignty in the European Union, the theoretical basis of European studies, status of international relations studies and European studies in Poland, European security

Paweł Borkowski: Theories of integration, institutional aspects of European integration, the European Union on the international stage, the Mediterranean region in international relations


Educational Offer of the Department:

·        Jacek Czaputowicz, Prof: Theories of European Integration (lecture and tutorial), PhD and MA Seminar.

·        Kamil Ławniczak, PhD: European debate, foreign policy and security policy.


Research projects carried out by employees of the Department:

Jacek Czaputowicz, Prof:

Bezpieczeństwo jako krytyczny problem zarządzania, chairman of International Institute of Administrative Studies (IIAS) Project Group, Brussels